The Power which you have inside

There are always the things happens in your life which you can’t control. We have two choices when that happens-give up or keep going. You can let those thoughts get to you and accept it or you can choose to fight and do the best you can,Its purely your decision.The people who keeps fighting to change the situation and won that have the common things to share about how they reach the goal and i.e something motivational things happened and they learnt from that ,encouraged themselves and keep tried to achieve their goal.

 It makes a world of difference based on how you word your goals? The best way to form your target is to think of what will be different after you’ve achieved it. If you feel like quieting,just immediately find a source to get your self encouraged.Lift up your self and rethink what best you can do.You can feel the changes and you will succeed to achieve what you have decided .

Always remember the power is always inside you and you can do wonders by using it!!!

A Sky full of imaginations

Whenever you look at the sky,you can see stars,clouds in a very big area.more then your eyes can see or vision!!it’s beyond that!Mind is like that only..We have to see the vision more clearly beyond every clouds..

There are many shades of colors in a sky but it makes beautiful itself.The same way our mind works.We have many thoughts,ideas,imaginations in our mind.We have to be our mind in that way only so that it can work freely.

Our mind can do wonders,we can break our limits by the courage given by our mind.So let it the way it is!!

The new beginning

We always wanted to start something on our own..But we all always have experienced some difficult situations which forced us to choose whatever opportunity is available !!whether we liked it or not but we do it and start living life according to it!!

There is always that one day which realize us that this not what you want and after that the thought process starts !!

On that moment it is difficult for us to take a decision that whether we live the same boring unwanted life or a new fresh start!!And if we choose the new one then there are so many possibilities of our mind to think about back out.But if we won with All this situations,we manage to control on negative thoughts then we can be successful and get whatever we want..

The new beginning is always difficult but once it starts ,it will search the path of success by keep trying for that..if succeed then chances o create a history and if not then we learn a lot of just start it with smile:)

Nature and it’s uniqueness!!

We always talk about the beauty of nature ,the way it develops from decades and the balance which it maintains!!humans has damaged it a lot too in may ways!

Now a days we are hearing a news of heavy rains everywhere.we will discuss about global warming and other less trees etc etc for that.but there is a positive sight which I hear before couple a days ago.

In India the water level is its lowest that if this year this much rain would not shower then we would have to face the highest level of water problem of this decade.but nature has its own way of balancing so it always does.whether we appreciate it or declined it but it has its own way to balance everything..we have to understand now that nature have its own unique Ness to protect itself..we just have to take care of them and the rest of things will be sorted out itself.


Today we can see different kind of friendships like selfie friends, Facebook friends, friends with mutual benefits etc..but I personally not believe in all this kins of new forms !!

Friendship is a second family after our parents &siblings ,sometimes equal to them!They love us,make fun of us,tease us but care the most!! whenever you need them they r just one cal away!you can have the best memories of Ur life and the best time!!!when you are away from them you have one sentence to say that “Idiot!!I miss you”.The fights,the laughters,that mad things you do it together,make fun of others together,that childish fights and then say sorry just after 5 mins..this all things make friendship a true meaning!!They are the gems of life!!

Accept the changes!!

We used to live a daily routine life everyday.wake up early in the morning ;travel and go to office;work from 9 to 5 and then come back home;take dinner;watch t.v and go to bed.we often think for changes in our routine life but we don’t want to accept the changes..just add some activities which you like in Ur routine life such as read a book,listen to bird singing,see the nature ,feel the liveliness going around you ..this will change the attitude and your nature !!you can accept the changes in Ur life and that can lead to take a big jump in your life!!!

The Power of Positivity

We always heard about Negative and Positive Energy in our life.We always learnt from our childhood that think positive.But can we actually do it?We know that postitive thinking makes the impossible things possible but how to buid this attitude inside is always a question!!

The answer is start thinking about positive thoughts,Whether its about your results ,about your promotions or its about the uncertain situations!!In a beginning ,you can’t control on your negative thoughts or emotions but keep trying for positivity!in a starting 90% of your thoughts will be negative and 10% positive and then the ratio of postivity starts increasing..

You can feel that the 10% positivity is that much powerful that it can overcome the higher percentage of negative thoughts.This will change your mood,behavior,the vision and then you can see the path of your progress. New inner strength will start building and you can feel the new person in you.The power of positivity can make the world the way you want to and that we have to learn !!:)

Dreams Actually comes true!

When i was about 21 ,as all girls i also had a dream to marry her dream boy.So i stared imagine about him and about all the qualities,looks etc .I still remembered,i used to discuss with my friends about him and they also share about their views for the life partners.May be i was a cute ,innocent ,little girl who grown up with the fairy tail stories and still believing in the “Prince coming on horse to take princess and they live happily ever after” concept.I still laugh on those days when i think about all that.After completion of my college as all do,i stepped into the real world which shows me the actual mirror about everything.As the time passed away ,i really lost about my trust and tried to forgot what i was thinking about my dream boy.I have gone through many experiences,bad incidents etc which stopped me to think in this direction only.But i never forget about that imagination.

As the Indian tradition of arrange marriage i started searching for a groom for me.The truth is i really got scared in a starting as i was going to select for my life partner!The social pressure,Family thoughts,different mind sets oh my god!!:!

After some time i really got frustrated and leave it on god because i was really tired.i know this has been happened with many of Indian girls.Then suddently one day my aunty called me for the dettails of a boy and the first meeting fixed after.He was living in a different city so we first went to see his house.When i met him,I started feeling something positive inside ,i feel that i can see my future with him and so much.

The next meeting was at my house and i was little nervous.The meeting was really nice and the result was we were engaged after some time.Our courtship period was about 8 months but as we lived in a different cities we couldn’t get much time to know each other.

After that we got married.after marriage i came to know about the caring nature,behavior,the desperateness to make me happy takes my heart full of love.I started realizing that the qualities which i was thinking at a college time about my life partner are already in him.It feels so nice to be with such a person and to fall in love with him again and again.So i believe that dreams actually comes true and it actually feels something different when you live with it every day.:)

Narration of the book “The Magic”

Many of us has read the book “The Secret” .Here I am talking about one of the parts of the book called “The Magic”.This book teaches us to have gratitude towards what we have and say the words “Thank you”.

In our life we also want encouragement for what things we does,we want that some one says thanks for what we are doing in our day to day life! Whether it would household responsibility or the office work;we like to hear good words for that.

The same thing is applicable to universe also.We have to show the gratitude towards the universe for the things they give to us.Once you start building this attitude in you then you can feel the life is changing and it’s construction the way you want.its impossible to build positivity whiteout negative thoughts but still keep trying and always say the words thank you.Make a note of your wishes and repeat it everyday with the feeling of already you got all this and say thank you.feel the happiness inside you and this will change your mood and behaviour.

You will start feeling the difference and life becomes changing..So start to experience something new!!!!!

It’s ok to don’t know everything

Whenever you start talking with people different then your common friends or relatives,you will always here that”oh!you don’t know this???how”?and you feel like am I the dumbest one ?how could I so this?and so many thoughts !

But the reality is ,it’s ok if you don’t know about what’s going on!and thats not make you uncool or something.

It’s just a mindset and nothing much!what’s wrong if u don’t know latest gossips,it’s ok not to know what’s trending or what’s the hot news or something?does it makes you a change person if you know about it?what’s the difference if you don’t know about the latest fashion or a new haircut !!the inner beauty and strength is insight of you!

So next time when you heard something like” you don’t know about this??”then don’t worry just chill and takes only 5 to 10 minutes to know about .so don’t spoil your mood and a beautiful day.

Have a beautiful day!!

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